Virtual Tours of Manyara Ranch

Check out our latest virtual tours from My Destination Tanzania. The 360 degree views allows you to gain a better perspective of Ranch and its environment. To check out these tours visit, and click in the ‘multimedia tab below.

Latest images from camp

We have been non-stop in camp as the peak season continues with action across all of our activities.  Here is a small glimpse of July and August so far.

Elephant quenching its thirst at the water hole in front of camp
Game viewing from one of our hides provides fantastic results this peak season


Elephants relaxing in the evening light around one of our many dams


Having fun in the dust with our horses


Delighted ladies in front of a breeding elephant herd

Bird Check List

Dr. Colin Beale from the University of York (UK), visited Manyara Ranch during three days at the end of July to explore birdlife in the area. Dr. Beale is carrying out research into the changing distributions of many savannah bird species as part of an EU funded project looking for impacts of climate change on savannah habitats. As well as searching out nesting colonies of weavers, he started compiling a checklist of birds of Manyara Ranch to help visitors appreciate the diversity of birdlife in this area.

Three days of walking and driving resulted in a total of a little over 170 bird species, including a number rarely seen on the northern safari circuit. A total of well over 300 species is likely for the ranch, so there are many still to find as migrant birds from further afield join the resident crowds. Dr. Beale will be back to bring the bird list up to date.

Download the latest Bird List (150KB PDF File)

Video on Manyara Ranch and AWF


Steven Kiruswa of the AWF, presents the essence of AWF and the TLCT’s work on Manyara Ranch. The video highlights the Manyara Ranch School which visitors may find an interesting place to visit during their stay on the Conservancy.


Manyara Ranch, African Wildlife Foundation from Green Living Project on Vimeo.

Visit to the ranch

A group of us headed to Manyara Ranch on the 10th March to check out the future lodge site. Our design for a 20 bed “Ranch-House” are at an advanced stage.  We have to make some changes to comply with the National Environmental Management Council (NEMC) recommendations who have asked us to move the site back from the river’s edge.  This move actually appears to make the siting even better. NEMC met the same day in Dar es Salaam to move a step closer to approving the project.


We are excited that the start of construction is a step closer. Building the Ranch-House will take time, but our interim Deluxe Tented Camp will open in just a few months and allow us to get our project off the ground.


Just a few minutes into the ranch, we encountered a herd of elephants who put on a fantastic welcome show. With lots of green grass, the ranch is an elephant haven for much of the year.  Some of the large bulls spend more time on the ranch than in the neighboring parks.

Welcome party