A great season

We have had a super high-season this year with plenty of wildlife all around. While a trip to nearby Tarangire is always an experience to remember, many of our guests comment that they really look forward to returning to the exclusivity of Manyara Conservancy. There is nothing quite like the freedom to roam at will where and when the mood dictates.

With memorable elephant and lion activity in camp on a regular basis and draw of the dam behind camp, there has been plenty of activity to keep our guests busy. Large herds of zebra and wildebeest have decided that the Conservancy is just as attractive a location as the parks – just the way it should be.

This year, we have added a few more species to our animal list. These have been seen in the past, but we are pleased that they are once again back. These include a pack of African Wild Dog, a lone Hippo Bull and Gerenuk which appear amongst the impala from time to time – great camouflage. Click the picture to enlarge.

Wild Dogs
Wild Dogs relaxing
Bull Hippo
Seeking out the best grazing