Wildlife found on Manyara Ranch

The following is a list of wild animals found at Manyara Ranch Conservancy. We may have missed a few and will update this list from time to time.

Aardvark *✝
Aardwolf *✝
African hare
Baboon (olive)
Bat Eared Fox
Buffalo (Cape)
Bushbaby ( )
Civet Cat
Dikdik (Kirks)
Duiker (Common)
Eland (East African)
Genet Cat ✝
Grants Gazelle
Honey Badger (Ratel)
Hyena (Spotted) ✝
Hyena (Striped) *✝
Impala (East African)
Jackal (Black Backed)
Kudu (Lesser) *
Leopard ✝
Mongoose (Bushy Tailed)
Mongoose (Dwarf)
Mongoose (Marsh)
Oryx (Fringe Eared) *
Porcupine ✝
Reedbuck (Bohor)
Serval Cat
Spring Hare ✝
Thompson’s Gazelle
Vervet Monkey
Waterbuck (Common)
Wild Dogs **
Wildcat ✝
Wildebeest (White bearded)
Zebra (Burchels)
Zorilla (Pole Cat) *✝

* Rarely seen on a normal safari but common on Manyara Ranch
✝ Mostly seen on night drives on Manyara Ranch
** Rarely seen but known to den on Manyara Ranch


Productive Night Drives

Night drives are one of our feature activities and one that has been very productive so far. Two nights ago, our 5 guests continued on a night drive after enjoying a bush sundowner only to come across a cheetah with an impala kill just 800 yards from camp. It’s not the first time we see cheetah at night. In June we took a film group on a night drive who filmed an ostrich being killed by cheetah a little further from camp. We know there are 3 male cheetah that specialize in hunting ostrich on the Conservancy – already a rarity in itself, but we are now believe there are other single cheetah in the area. We will be collecting photos of the cats to determine how many live in the area and so are pleased that we managed to get  some good shots, some of which appear below.

Cheetah on a night drive
Manyara Ranch Cheetah at night
Cheetah at night
Night drives on Manyara Ranch