Bird Check List

Dr. Colin Beale from the University of York (UK), visited Manyara Ranch during three days at the end of July to explore birdlife in the area. Dr. Beale is carrying out research into the changing distributions of many savannah bird species as part of an EU funded project looking for impacts of climate change on savannah habitats. As well as searching out nesting colonies of weavers, he started compiling a checklist of birds of Manyara Ranch to help visitors appreciate the diversity of birdlife in this area.

Three days of walking and driving resulted in a total of a little over 170 bird species, including a number rarely seen on the northern safari circuit. A total of well over 300 species is likely for the ranch, so there are many still to find as migrant birds from further afield join the resident crowds. Dr. Beale will be back to bring the bird list up to date.

Download the latest Bird List (150KB PDF File)

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