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As we continue to receive more reviews on Trip Advisor, we thought we would share a few recent and candid comments with you.

A fabulous guest poem

Some talented clients of our who recently stayed at the Ranch wrote a wonderful poem, which has truly captured the essence of Manyara Ranch Conservancy.  Thank you to Alex and Virginia for sharing your experience with us all.

Aardvarks on the Ranch

Here on Manyara Ranch Conservancy, our night time game drives are a regular occurrence. Usually departing after dinner, we take our time to explore 35,000 acres of exclusive wilderness. Searching for a variety of nocturnal African species, we often come across a very special and rare specie known as the aardvark. Aardvarks live in sub-Saharan Africa, where there is suitable habitat for them to live, such as savannasgrasslandswoodlands andbushland, and available food (i.e., ants and termites).The aardvark is nocturnal and is a solitary creature that feeds almost exclusively onants and termites (formicivore); the only fruit eaten by aardvarks is the aardvark cucumber. An aardvark emerges from its burrow in the late afternoon or shortly after sunset, and forages over a considerable home range encompassing 10 to 30 km, swinging its long nose from side to side to pick up the scent of food.

The closest living relatives of the aardvark are the elephant shrews, along with the sirenianshyraxestenrecs, and elephants. With their extinct relatives, these animals form the superorder Afrotheria.

To see a video of one a recent aardvark spotted on the Ranch, check out the following link:


Virtual Tours of Manyara Ranch

Check out our latest virtual tours from My Destination Tanzania. The 360 degree views allows you to gain a better perspective of Ranch and its environment. To check out these tours visit, and click in the ‘multimedia tab below.

Honeymooners Delight

We all have different tastes in furniture, food, people, and the same applies when it comes to choosing a honeymoon location. Some newlyweds choose to seek a more adventurous and unique way of celebrating their marriage, than your typical beachside resort. Manyara Ranch Conservancy is a wonderful choice for honeymooners in Africa; offering the chance to get away from hordes of safari vehicles yet the ability to experience wilderness in complete privacy and adventure.

Honeymooners enjoying a sundowner in privacy on the Ranch


Some new images from camp

Pictures can sometimes be more powerful than words. Here is a small snippet of what’s been going on at the Ranch lately.

Giraffes quenching their thirst in front of camp

Getting up close and personal on horse back. Just one of many ways to experience wildlife in its element.

Large legs captured on our new night vision camera


August Update from Camp

It just keeps on getting better at the Ranch with three new lion cubs sighted this month. Our guests were fortunate enough to witness these playful and inquisitive cubs, as well as have the unique privilege to name them. Therefore we are proud to announce the arrival of Enzo, Babi and Nala to the Conservancy. We shall determine the sex of the cubs in the weeks ahead and let you know.

Three 19-month old lions currently on the Conservancy have progressed out of their childhood and are today practicing their hunting skills at the dam most afternoons. Unfortunately, Duffus the male lion has been ruining the hunts; much to the entertainment of our clients and to the disappointment of his two sisters.

My Destination Tanzania – A Useful Website!

Are you searching for that essential information to help you piece together your Tanzanian safari? Don’t go any further, check out My Destination Tanzania for all of your essential information on this great country . From the latest places to eat to hottest places to stay (including Manyara Ranch Conservancy – of course!!!), this website won’t let you down.

To start you off on your safari planning, why not check out this great article on What to Wear . Especially for first time travelers to Africa, this article will prove to be quite useful.

Happy Reading!

New Flying Safaris

Manyara Ranch Conservancy now offers a number of exciting flying safaris in Tanzania’s famous northern safari circuit. All safaris depart from Arusha and touch base at some of the most classic destinations. These include Manyara Ranch Conservancy, Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire and Serengeti National Parks. We have chosen the transport mode of flying, which allows the safari goer to save time as well as some bumpy roads. For horse enthusiasts, check out specially designed horse safari itinerary taking you to two fantastic properties, Manyara Ranch and Singite Grumeti Reserves.

Highlights from the itineraries include:

- Tarangire National Park, boabab tree studded scenery, over 550 bird species and the hightest number of elephants in the whole of the norther Tanzania parks.

- Manyara Ranch Conservancy’s walking safaris, horse safaris, night time game drives, game viewing from hides and much more.

- The chance to experience the two finest horse safaris locations in Tanzania.

- Galloping among Africa’s finest wildlife in two different but completely exclusive wildernesses.

- Every year wildebeest congregate in the Serengeti during the calving season – what better way to experience the wildebeest migration.

If you wish to learn more about our new flying safari itineraries, please visit or email us at


Safari with a difference. Manyara Ranch Conservancy adds another dimension to your typical safari.


Introducing MRC’s staff

Manyara Ranch Conservancy is proud to show case its array of talented and hospitable staff this month. As our guest comments continue to role in, our staff feature regularly as a highlight of their stay.

Joanne Westermark

Growing up between Sweden and Kenya, Joanna Westermark has always had a passion for the outdoors, spending much of her time riding horses and exploring the bush as a child. Determined to turn her passion into a career, Joanne set off to South Africa to the Bush Academy, allowing her to develop the necessary guiding, hospitality and bush skills required for work in the outdoors of Africa. After her extensive training, Joanna soon became a guide in and around Hluhluwe Imfolozi Game reserve, located in South Africa. As a guide and camp manager at the Ranch, Joanna specialises in horseback rides and enjoys showing experienced riders this exceptional approach of viewing wildlife. When she is not busy on game drives or educating guests about nature from game viewing hides, Joanna spends her time in the saddle or improving her skills as a amateur photographer.

Langeti Matei

Langeti is a great example of where dedication and determination can lead. After being recruited from Ol Tukai village, Langeti started out as an askari (watchman) before our managers realised his passion for the bush. In a matter of months Langeti became one of MRC’s head navigational guides and today accompanies Chris and Joanne on walking safaris and game drives. It is claimed Langeti has some of the sharpest and finest eyes on the Ranch, with an exceptional ability to spot wildlife from great distances.

Chris Rogers

Chris Rodgers is no stranger to Manyara Ranch Conservancy. Having grown up in Tanzania, Chris visited the Ranch on a number of occasions with his father, working with the surrounding villages. Years later, Chris now finds himself back at Manyara Ranch as as a guide and camp manager in an area rejuvenated and teeming with wildlife.
Finishing his guiding studies and gaining a complex understanding of community based conservation from his father, Chris spent a few years in southern Africa guiding walking and canoe safaris, before his return to East Africa.
An early riser, Chris encourages his clients to join him on a walking safaris. He is a great believer in leaving the vehicle behind and exploring the bush by foot focusing on tracking and ethology. His passion for the bush and conservation is clearly evident as he continuously encapsulates his guests with his knowledge.



Langeti, Joanne and Chris on a walking safari.

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