New Flying Safaris

Manyara Ranch Conservancy now offers a number of exciting flying safaris in Tanzania’s famous northern safari circuit. All safaris depart from Arusha and touch base at some of the most classic destinations. These include Manyara Ranch Conservancy, Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire and Serengeti National Parks. We have chosen the transport mode of flying, which allows the safari goer to save time as well as some bumpy roads. For horse enthusiasts, check out specially designed horse safari itinerary taking you to two fantastic properties, Manyara Ranch and Singite Grumeti Reserves.

Highlights from the itineraries include:

- Tarangire National Park, boabab tree studded scenery, over 550 bird species and the hightest number of elephants in the whole of the norther Tanzania parks.

- Manyara Ranch Conservancy’s walking safaris, horse safaris, night time game drives, game viewing from hides and much more.

- The chance to experience the two finest horse safaris locations in Tanzania.

- Galloping among Africa’s finest wildlife in two different but completely exclusive wildernesses.

- Every year wildebeest congregate in the Serengeti during the calving season – what better way to experience the wildebeest migration.

If you wish to learn more about our new flying safari itineraries, please visit http://www.manyararanch.com/downloads.html or email us at safaris@manyararanch.com


Safari with a difference. Manyara Ranch Conservancy adds another dimension to your typical safari.


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