Introducing MRC’s staff

Manyara Ranch Conservancy is proud to show case its array of talented and hospitable staff this month. As our guest comments continue to role in, our staff feature regularly as a highlight of their stay.

Joanne Westermark

Growing up between Sweden and Kenya, Joanna Westermark has always had a passion for the outdoors, spending much of her time riding horses and exploring the bush as a child. Determined to turn her passion into a career, Joanne set off to South Africa to the Bush Academy, allowing her to develop the necessary guiding, hospitality and bush skills required for work in the outdoors of Africa. After her extensive training, Joanna soon became a guide in and around Hluhluwe Imfolozi Game reserve, located in South Africa. As a guide and camp manager at the Ranch, Joanna specialises in horseback rides and enjoys showing experienced riders this exceptional approach of viewing wildlife. When she is not busy on game drives or educating guests about nature from game viewing hides, Joanna spends her time in the saddle or improving her skills as a amateur photographer.

Langeti Matei

Langeti is a great example of where dedication and determination can lead. After being recruited from Ol Tukai village, Langeti started out as an askari (watchman) before our managers realised his passion for the bush. In a matter of months Langeti became one of MRC’s head navigational guides and today accompanies Chris and Joanne on walking safaris and game drives. It is claimed Langeti has some of the sharpest and finest eyes on the Ranch, with an exceptional ability to spot wildlife from great distances.

Chris Rogers

Chris Rodgers is no stranger to Manyara Ranch Conservancy. Having grown up in Tanzania, Chris visited the Ranch on a number of occasions with his father, working with the surrounding villages. Years later, Chris now finds himself back at Manyara Ranch as as a guide and camp manager in an area rejuvenated and teeming with wildlife.
Finishing his guiding studies and gaining a complex understanding of community based conservation from his father, Chris spent a few years in southern Africa guiding walking and canoe safaris, before his return to East Africa.
An early riser, Chris encourages his clients to join him on a walking safaris. He is a great believer in leaving the vehicle behind and exploring the bush by foot focusing on tracking and ethology. His passion for the bush and conservation is clearly evident as he continuously encapsulates his guests with his knowledge.



Langeti, Joanne and Chris on a walking safari.

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