Lions move in

A pride of lions are making regular night-time appearances in camp after visiting the waterhole situated a hundred yards in front of the dining tent. They seem very happy with the presence of Zebra, Wildebeest and other game that now hang out by the camp. Chris our camp manager, says there are 4 lions in this particular pride, with another pride of 6 about a mile away where the lodge will be built.

Bernard Kissui who studies lion in the Tarangire ecosystem, is a frequent visitor to the Conservancy and has been monitoring lion in the area over several years. He will be particularly encouraged by this news and the presence of another pride of 22 lion that Chris encountered within the conservancy about 10 days back. Their presence is a sure sign of the rapid recovery of wildlife in the area.


  1. Estomih John

    I am very interested in what you are doing at Manyara ranch, including protecting the wildlife areas, helping Manyara Ranch primary school and establishing the safari camp within the conservancy. It will help improve the living standards of the communities around by promoting the walking safaris together with the Horse riding safaris. I will be very happy to visit you during our field studies in February next year to lean more about the ranch and its activities. I am a student in second year diploma in animal production here at LITI,- Tengeru. I would be very happy to visit and see all that you are doing, Thank you. Esto.

  2. Tom

    Karibu sana Esto. We hope that our efforts will improve both the livelihoods of the communities and help protect the areas wildlife and habitat. I am certain that you will find the program to be both innovative and beneficial.

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