A great season

We have had a super high-season this year with plenty of wildlife all around. While a trip to nearby Tarangire is always an experience to remember, many of our guests comment that they really look forward to returning to the exclusivity of Manyara Conservancy. There is nothing quite like the freedom to roam at will where and when the mood dictates.

With memorable elephant and lion activity in camp on a regular basis and draw of the dam behind camp, there has been plenty of activity to keep our guests busy. Large herds of zebra and wildebeest have decided that the Conservancy is just as attractive a location as the parks – just the way it should be.

This year, we have added a few more species to our animal list. These have been seen in the past, but we are pleased that they are once again back. These include a pack of African Wild Dog, a lone Hippo Bull and Gerenuk which appear amongst the impala from time to time – great camouflage. Click the picture to enlarge.

Wild Dogs
Wild Dogs relaxing
Bull Hippo
Seeking out the best grazing

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Elephant bull fight

As if the sight of an elephant wandering over the plains is not impressive enough, our guests stumbled upon two male elephants trying to prove to each other who was the strongest. Although somewhat nervous so see it up close, it was a spectacular sight and our guests sat and observed.. Loud trumpeting, lots of earflapping and dust flying up, it must have been some scene!

The elephants of course did not pose for the picture so many shots are taken from behind – as no one was keen to move closer or to the side, but I think you get the picture.. One of the two, at one stage, ran behind the car to escape the action for a while, needless to say our guests had the adrenalin pumping as well.


Camp evenings

After a diverse but dusty day, we usually – at the ranch – take a nice hot shower and then sit at the campfire to end the day, while soaking up the evening sounds of the African bush. It is hard to compare that special feeling when you hear the subtle crackling of the fire close and  the soft growls, grunts and moans from animals a bit further; the warm glow on your face and the cold drink in your hand; the quaint smells of the cooling Savannah.. And that is when you relax and think: I am right where I ought to be.

Re-opening of camp

End of May

The season is coming up and it will be a busy one! We are all very excited and we are getting the camp ready as we speak: supplies are being brought in, the tents are being dusted of and we are looking forward to welcoming new guests in the ranch that now looks green and lush.

Some herds of elephant are walking around here and there, we spotted some giraffes with babies and even our often spotted leopard has cubs, we estimate they are now about 3 or 4 months old. This leopard is fondly called Kelly, because she seems to have picked the ranch as her territory. The name Kelly was chosen because a guests named Kelly spotted her first. Maybe an idea for future guests to name the cubs?

All is looking good!

the End of MASIKA

May 2012

Terms such as winter and summer mean very little in a tropical country. Tanzania however, has two pronounced rain seasons: the ‘short rains’ fall around November, the ‘long rains’ are around March, April and May. This great rainy season is called ‘masika’ in Kiswahili.

These rains are very welcome, but also incredibly beautiful. The dust settles, the incredible plains turn lush and green, the smell is refreshing, the cloud formations are amazing. Rain also means grass and fresh grazing, in other words: rain means game.

The rains this year were late but abundant. We are now coming to the end of the masika, but when a short shower still falls people say “the rains are saying goodbye”.


Latest Guest Feedback

See out latest guest feedback from the Ranch. Well done to the Manyara Ranch Conservancy team for such a great effort.

Beautiful stars, delicious food, inspiring landscapes, stimulating company. Simple pleasures  -what more could you ask for? – Miriam 

Brilliant time – loved the privacy and the full on bush experience. A bit of bush bashing a thrill. Liz, Jarrad and Conna Marcussen

Manyara Ranch has been very special part of our Tanzanian safari experience. The night drive, the walking safari, the solitude let us feel in touch in a unique way. Thank you to such a wonderful team. Wendy Hart, Miami, FL.

Manyara Ranch is a beautiful place, thank you for sharing it with us. I learned so much about the world around me, and I know I will notice more when I go home. Thank you for answering all of my questions. Thank you for helping us to get up close and personal with so many different species. I will never forget the people here. You were all so kind. – Kate Huffer, USA. 

Joanne, Chris and the fabulous staff at Manyara Ranch. You have given us the experience of a lifetime – everything was amazing! This place is a paradise – not only the environment but you – the people who run it and take care of us! This has truly been one of the greatest highlights of our lives! A million “thank yous”! Good luck and best wishes for a success and a wonderful life. – Gayle and Joel Callahan

We don’t want to leave. Everything here – the staff, our hosts. Chris and Joanna and the fabulous walking safaris and game drives have been something we will never forget. Last night, Chris and Joanne took us to the hide. We watched six lions come down to drink and Chris and Jo were so patient enough to allow us to stay as long as we wanted. We left only after the moon was out and it was impossible to see anything. The lions, the wine, the snacks and their knowledge made for an unforgettable experience. The location, the facilities, the service – all were outstanding, but, at the end of the day, the staff is what makes this place. All were outstanding and Julius made us laugh every day. – Wendy York / Steve McCue, USA

My experience at the Ranch far exceeded my expectations! I felt like I was with friends and not with guides who I didn’t know. I feel totally blessed to have had this adventure. The horses were awesome, and I’ll never forget running with the zebras and giraffes. Thank you so much.  – Suzie Hofert, North Carolina, USA